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Managerial Institute for Industrial Caterers is a professional body dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge in the area of Industrial Catering Management(MIIC).MIIC incepted in 2002 is a pioneer in the field of Industrial Canteen Management in India.The Institute conducts workshops for middle and large scale Organizations,that offers consultancy services for guidance and support in managing Industrial Canteens.The programme is conducted by Lead Faculty member Mr K C Alexander, who has more than 45 years of experience in the relevant field. Mr. Alexander is also the author of the book “Industrial Catering” which may well be the very First and Only book in India on the subject.

Many are familiar with catering. But majority of the people in India are not aware of Industrial  Catering. They don’t need to since it affects only a few. Catering to the employees of a factory or an organisation is industrial catering. It is an intricate and at the same time a very vast subject. Yet its importance was never realised earlier. For the same reason no one bothered to run industrial canteens professionally.

Industrial canteens were always managed by non professionals in most organisations. Usually the person in charge never makes any contribution or improvement to the canteens as he would be totally in the dark where to begin and what to do. This usually results in a disorganised and inefficient canteen appreciated by none.

Only when issues at canteens become unbearable, more evident or gets reported, do the managements accept the fact that non professionals can never

manage canteens effectively in an industry. Qualified personnel with catering degrees employed at star rated hotels are then recruited as change-agents. Unfortunately, they too may fail miserably since; industrial canteens are a different forte altogether. Only a few among them who may be smarter become successful, reason being – they develop a style of their own.

One reason for the failure of managers in all the above cases is the absence of a suitable benchmark. They had no reference to turn to, on the working of an industrial canteen. It is here the relevance of this book becomes very important. This book will help Managements to “Prevent many wrong practices and precedence well in advance and provides nuggets of information on running an Industrial Canteen effectively”. Most Managements are totally unaware about the actual operations of a canteen and they just go along with what the Catering Officers say, without knowing the suggestions are practical or not. Managements generally do not bother about the canteen as long as there are no grave problems. But when suddenly problems starts shooting up whether they are internal IR problems or problems regarding quality or service of food, they are resolved temporarily by fire fighting. Later when the same problems persist or crop up tenfold, Management then start thinking of recruiting another experienced officer or change the service provider.

This is the typical scenario seen in most industrial canteens in India. It is in this context that a book on Industrial Canteen, visioning the thoughts of an expert in Industrial Catering has been scripted, to benefit Organizations in extending the best services of a canteen to its employees.

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